Secure and reliable high-performance blockchain underlying platform

The ASM public chain is implemented by creating an operating system-like architecture that allows applications to be built.The ASM public chain architecture provides account, identity and authorization management, policy management, databases, asynchronous communication, and program scheduling on thousands of cpus, fpgas, or clusters.The blockchain is a brand new architecture that can support millions of transactions per second and achieve second level confirmation through low latency and high concurrency hardware acceleration technology.



Value of circulation

ASM blockchain operating system also supports the industry application chain custom exclusive universal circulation tools and national legal currency.

Trade finance

Use ASM public chain, reduce transaction cost, promote the construction of healthy ecology of trade finance.

Shared Care

With the characteristics of ASM itself, it can solve the data, information sharing and transaction data landing of future medical institutions.



Open architecture leads to equal participation and equal rights of all nodes, and non-communication and non-trust nodes need trust mechanism to guarantee

Openness is the precondition of decentralization, which means that all nodes are equal, the code is open source and accessible, and the facilities are civilian

Trust creation is the fundamental mission of blockchain, and the purpose of public chain design is to build a trusted environment for applications



  • Financial interests

    Token represents financial interest in ASM public chain Invitation bonus rights, power mining bonus rights

  • Participate in the rights and interests

    The participation interest of Token indicates that the participant who holds Token in the ASM public chain ecology has the right to participate in or execute various behaviors in the project

  • Decentralized

    The decentralized, tamper-free and consensus mechanism of ASM public chain provides infinite possibilities for its later implementation.

  • Governance rights

    Governance rights, including the right to vote, arbitration and veto power, can be derived from the rights and interests of traditional commercial society

  • General rights

    The general interest is not the right or interest in the specific scenario, but the general interest, which represents the proof of tangible or intangible assets in ASM public chain

  • A constant issue

    ASM public chain TOKEN issue constant 1.8 billion, and never new issue.900 million of them by interstellar collision output, 900 million by mining out.

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